Low Back Pain Treatment can Renew Quality of Life

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Do you suffer from lower back pain? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Eight out of ten people suffer from this type of ailment at some point in their lives. The type of pain can be minor (lasting from a few days to weeks) to more severe (lasting for months or even years).  Low back pain treatment is the most popular type of chiropractic care for back pain sufferers. Chiropractic low back pain treatment uses spinal adjustments to normalize mobility on spinal joints brought on by tissue injuries. These are brought on usually by accidents, sports injuries, and poor posture. Chiropractors refer to this is as misalignment of the vertebra. This causes irritation of the surrounding area and nerve area resulting in inflammation, pain and degeneration. With chiropractic treatment, pressure is taken off the disc, joints, nerves and symptoms are improved. It also prevents it from getting worse, and you can get to feeling like yourself again.  The treatment can also use soft tissue repair, stretching, and specific posture and strengthening exercises. However, if need be the chiropractor can use a spinal orthotic device called Denneroll , that is also used with the spinal adjustments. Back pain can be acute (less than one month) sub-acute (1-3 months) or chronic (more than three months). Most of the time low back pain can be caused from musculoskeletal problems, and unfortunately most people just put up with the pain until it becomes unbearable, and only then do they see a doctor. You can read more about the facts of low back pain here.

In addition, although low back pain treatment has come a long way, researchers are still studying spinal manipulation. For example, a 2010 review of 26 clinical trials reviewed the effectiveness of different treatments of both musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal conditions. The authors of the study concluded that the spinal manipulation works for acute, sub-acute and chronic low back pain. This means that it can work for just about anyone suffering from low back pain. Furthermore, there was a study completed last year in Switzerland which involved adults who were suffering from low back pain and who had not received chiropractic or manual help in the three months before the study took place. Patients with chronic back pain and acute pain both exhibited positive results. Patients with radiculopathy (when one or more set of nerves are not working properly) also had improved symptoms. Low back pain is considered to be the most common job related disability, especially for people who work in front of a computer all day, or do excessive labor.

Moreover, what chiropractors do is identify structural imbalances that are related to a number of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. The daily stress on our backs related to everyday activities can lead to these imbalances resulting in a sprain or strain in the vertebrae area. This means that two or more vertebra have lost their normal motion or position.  Most of these imbalances in the early stages can exist without the person even feeling spinal pain.  However, as time goes on, the wear and tear worsens and is followed by various cases of muscular and skeletal dysfunction, which leads to pain. Low back pain treatment can also reduce tension, pain and other symptoms, as well as improved posture and balance. There is also a reduction in the rate of spinal degeneration, which will help you relax and cope with stress and changes in lifestyle. Furthermore, there will be an improved function of the body’s organs and systems. This will improve your emotional and health wellbeing, thus enjoying your life more.

Chiropractic care is known to be the one of the most popular forms of healthcare that people seek for neck and back pain.  It is safe, effective and drug free. These characteristics have made chiropractor the best recognized complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions. This is why people in the medical field are choosing it as a job, and it has become the third largest doctoral level profession, after medicine and dentistry. So, if you have back pain, make sure you go see a chiropractor to try low back pain treatment. It will get you on the road to recovery and back to doing the things that you love.

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